Saturday, March 17, 2012

031712 - I have a new book! And it's FREE today.

I have ventured into the world of fiction writing. Today, my new book THE TRUNK KEY is Free for Amazon Kindle. I hope you'll take a look. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
The new suspense novel from the author of RAISING ABEL.
What if you think you see a kidnap victim in the trunk of a car? What if you're wrong? What do you do?
Find out what one woman does in THE TRUNK KEY.


  1. Oh darn! Missed it by one day! Just finished Raising Abel last night and saw the address to your blog in the back of the ebook.... checked it out this morning but I'm too late.

    I loved Raising Abel! There is a lot I can identify with in your story. My daughter just turned 18 last month. I am so happy for you and your family. Sounds like a lot of good things are happening for you all.

  2. Thanks for your note! Things are going well, up and down like for everyone else. Hey, if you have a minute and don't mind, would you be willing to put a review on Amazon? It really helps get the book noticed. Thanks!

  3. Got the free download. Just finished. Great book more chapter? Lol. I kept hitting the right side of my reader trying to get it to turn the page, for more. :) I smiled at the end, but just to read...she was his sister, cousin,...they lived happily ever after...they embraced for what seemed like an eternity...she could feel the beat of his heart and she knew she could do pick. Haha. Great book, seriously. You are a talented writer. I even cried a few times. You definately drew me in. Thanks for sharing your books.

  4. LOL Sophie! I sort of had the same problem. I really wanted to write another chapter about happily ever after, but the book kept telling me to quit while I was ahead.

    Thank you SO much for leaving this note. I've been sort of sitting on pins and needles waiting for feedback. I've never published fiction before so I was a little nervous.

    By the way, if you would, could you please leave a review on Amazon? It really helps with the book's ranking on the site.

    In any case, thank you for writing this comment. You absolutely made my day. :D

  5. I loved this! Read the whole thing in one sitting without interruption and totally wanted more. Please tell me that you are writing something else to share with us?

  6. C Dawn! Thank you. That is so good to hear. I am actually working on a couple other books that have been sitting in my filing cabinet for a few years. I hope to have them up soon.

    I just got a really stinky review from a reader on Amazon, so it made me feel so good to read yours! (If you get a chance and can put your review on Amazon, it would really help. :)

    Thanks again, C Dawn. You made my day.