Tuesday, December 13, 2011

121311 A most wonderful gift

When I came home from work yesterday, Abel had cleaned the house. Living room, bathroom, hall, stairs, front porch, kitchen, dining room, even my office. He swept, did dishes, put things away.

He did it just to make me happy.


  1. That is totally awesome! It was good for Abel as well, I am sure. There is nothing like doing something for mom, and which benefits the whole family; to reinforce positive self esteem. I am so happy to read this! Way to go Abel!

  2. Thanks, Becky. I thought it was totally awesome, too. With his issues with cleaning, etc., it just blew me away. I must have cried for 20 minutes while I apologized for crying and smiled, smiled, smiled. What a kid... Wait, I guess I have to change that to What a young man!

  3. Well, I'd ask to borrow him but I think you've waited a while to experience these pleasures. So good to read that the progress continues.