Saturday, November 5, 2011

52. Publishing!!!!

Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for reading my blog. It's been an honor and such a rewarding experience doing this.

I am about to publish this story on Amazon, perhaps even today! The title is "Raising Abel," and as I mentioned previously, the pen name I'm using is Carolyn Nash. First, the Kindle version will be out, and then in a few weeks I hope to have the hardcopy version available.

If you have read all the blog entries, you have read most of what will be contained in the book. I have added a few things plus an update of some current happenings.  After the book comes out, I will be taking down the first 50 entries on this blog, but I also will start posting again to continue the story of Abel, and Jacob, and me.

Thank you again. Your reading and your comments have been an inspiration for me to get this story out.

AKA Carolyn Nash

What an adventure this has all been!


  1. That is awesome! Very happy for you!

  2. Thank you, Becky! It is pretty exciting. :)